Life Science

• Know that science is a way of knowing about the physical world, based on observable evidence, testing,
predictions, and reasoning.
• In science, theories and knowledge are constantly tested and questioned. When new information conflicts
with existing explanations, scientists modify their explanations to be consistent with all evidence.
• Understand that principles of philosophy and religion usually cannot be tested scientifically, because
they are not based on observable evidence.
• Identify what the life sciences are and some of the many specialties and know the difference between
scientific theory and fact. Why is modern science producing many more improvements in our lives than
it did a hundred years ago? Is there anything that science cannot explain? How can we “think like scientists?”
• Know how to ask questions about the world around you and how to answer those questions based on
your understanding of evidence, testing and reasoning.
• Continually question and test the accuracy of your knowledge and assumptions.

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Author Name : Jean Brainard, Niamh Gray-Wilson, Jessica Harwood, Corliss Karasov, Doris Kraus, and Jane Willan
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