Book Discussions
     ActiveFolio allows authors or designated users to actively blog. This lively interaction between authors and readers leads to a greater reader engagement and possibly generate material for a subsequent edition of the book. Engaging readers in a social network will lead to increased sales of the books.

E-Commerce has a built-in eCommerce engine that is very flexible. The website can be customized to accept multiple currencies, PayPal, and major credit cards. The eCommerce engine allows even complicated discount structures.

Custom Publishing
     This feature of the portal is being brought in address the growing custom publishing market. The structure of the Active eBooks lends itself to easy, secure, and cost-effective custom publishing combining partial content from same or multiple book sources.

Hosted Solutions
     Publishers can immediately start selling their Active eBooks on the portal with no upfront costs. We manage the initial file conversions, hosting and eCommerce.

Turnkey Solutions
     As a Publisher, you may like what you see, but would like to create a storefront with your brand. We can help you set this up as a Turnkey Solution.

Self Publishing
     Authors can get their books published online with minimal costs. The blog serves as a great platform for author interactions with the readers and for promot-ing their books.


Reader Engagement
     The books include features like:
- Page Flip
- Page thumbnails
- Active cross reference links
- Active web links
- Built-in audio, video
- Flash animations
- SCORM compliant
- Custom Bookmarking
- Custom Notes
- Custom Highlights

Social Networking
     The site allows users to create a social network with who they can selectively share their custom notes, bookmarks and highlights. The site has a blog for each book where users can exchange views with authors and other readers.

Quick Delivery
     Unlike other eBook delivery mechanisms, the Active eBook delivers single pages at a time. This allows for quicker page downloads and minimal band-width usage.

Content Security
     The eBooks are delivered using a secure framework which pre-vents users to make copies of purchased books.
In addition:
- Copy/Paste is disabled
- Printing is not allowed unless publishers allows it
- simultaneous login with same account is not allowed

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